Whereby Embedded Security Features

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Whereby Embedded offers a variety of features to keep your customers security and privacy in mind!

Room Locking

We introduced the Room Lock as a way to guarantee that your conversations in the room are private, and so that other users can't join mid-meeting and interrupt by accident. We recommend keeping your room Locked at all times, and only unlocking it if you're expecting a lot of users to join. If users show up late to a meeting that you've already Locked, they can knock to be let in!

You can specify if a room is locked or unlocked during the room creation process. Hosts accessing the room with a hostRoomUrl will also be able to change the lock status during the meeting.

Preventing Link Sharing with NeedsAncestor

For some customers it's important to make sure that meeting links aren't being copied, shared, or spread to other users. In this case we offer an option to make sure that you're meeting links will only load when being placed in an iframe. This, combined with Allowed Domains, allows you to control where and how your meetings are accessed. If you'd like to learn more about how we can enable that please contact your account manager or embedded@whereby.com.

Allowed Domains

From your dashboard you can control which websites your meeting links are allowed to be embedded on. We have instructions on how to do that in our guide Allow Your Domain for iFraming.