Breakout Groups in Whereby Embedded

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Who can use this guide?

  • Embedded Admins
  • Whereby Embedded

More than ever, workshops, lectures and conferences are happening online. So it's never been more important to combine bigger (often one-way) meetings with smaller, collaborative sessions. With Breakout Groups in Whereby Embedded you can easily implement these collaborative sessions directly into your app or website.

Implementing Breakout Groups

To use Breakout Groups with Whereby Embedded you'll need to ensure the following:

  • You have the top toolbar enabled. Normally this is enabled by default, but if you're using the ?minimal parameter it will need to be manually re-enabled with ?topToolbar=on
  • You are using Host URLs and will have a Host in the meeting
  • The meeting will happen between the meeting creation and endDate that was defined in the API request to create the room

All of these conditions must be met for Breakout Groups to function properly, so if you're having issues implementing Breakout Groups these are good things to double check.

Using Breakout Groups

Once you have Breakout Groups implemented, it will be important that Hosts know how to use them. For this, we have a series of guides that all Hosts should review, and they can get started here.