Using Webhooks with Whereby Embedded

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With Webhooks your developers can set up user-defined callbacks that will be triggered by meeting events. A very common way that this is used is to keep track of the number of users that are joining your meetings, or to verify that your hosts are joining on time

Webhooks are managed from the "Embedded" section of your account, so they need to be set up by an admin in your organization. At the moment the following two event types are supported:

  • room.client.joined - this is sent when a user joins the meeting room
  • room.client.left - this is send when a user leaves the meeting room (this could be via the leave button or by closing the browser tab

There are several different event objects and data properties that are included with a webhook response that can be used as necessary depending on your goals and objectives. Normally it's best to let your developer determine what will be relevant, and our Developer Guide is a great place to start! There we've provided more details on how to implement webhooks, as well as full details on the various event objects and data properties and what they represent.


If you're interested in additional page events that you can action with javascript, check out our information about the Whereby Embed Element.