Integrations in Whereby Embedded

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Whereby has integrations with other popular tools to make remote collaboration easier and enrich the video meeting experience. At the moment only some of our integrations work in Whereby Embedded, so if you're coming over from Whereby Meetings you see some missing options.

Integrations in Whereby Embedded

Currently Supported

  • YouTube (not supported in a private/incognito browser due to tracking prevention)
  • Miro

Not Supported

  • Google Drive
  • Trello

Enable or Disable Integrations

Integrations are disabled for Whereby Embedded by default whilst using the ?minimal parameter. We set this by default because Content Security Policy restrictions can cause integrations to fail in unexpected ways.

If you would like to test an integration in an embedded meeting, you can do so by adding the  ?roomIntegrations=on parameter. Please note, we do not support integrations in an embedded meeting, even when using this flag. It's there for you to test and we do not recommend using it in a production context.