Record Embedded Meetings

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Our Recording feature has not been built specifically for Embedded solutions, and as such is limited in functionality. We recommend that this isn't used in a live production environment without significant internal testing. Recordings are only created and stored locally, and Whereby cannot recovery any lost or corrupted recordings.

Recording allows you or your hosts to capture recording of a meeting exactly as it appears on the screen. Currently this all happens locally in the browser, and because this feature wasn't designed for an embedded use case there are some quirks to using and implementing it into your service.

Recording Overview

  • Recording is only supported in Chrome or Chromium browsers
  • Recordings are only created locally on the device of the host that started the recording. It isn't possible for an account owner to remotely access these, and Whereby cannot recover lost recordings
  • Recordings are stored temporarily in your browser cache, so it's critical that you have enough free space on your hard drive before starting the recording.

Below are guides that lay out how the Recording feature currently works, what best practices you can use to prevent data loss, and instruction son how to implement Recording into embedded rooms. As always if you're running into problems or have questions that aren't covered here you can reach out to the team via the help beacon.

Guides for Implementing Recording

Guides for Hosts that will Record Meetings