Meetings with Hosts

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Using Whereby Embedded allows your participants, patients, students, and more to join a video meeting without creating accounts or logins. We also have the ability to participants join with elevated privileges via a URL. We call these users "hosts". When creating a meeting you can request a hostRoomUrl in the "fields" section of your creation request.

Hosts can join the meeting with the hostRoomUrl. They have the following features available:

  • Lock and unlock the meeting.
  • Remove, mute, and spotlight meeting participants.
  • Enter locked rooms without knocking.
  • Start and stop Breakout Groups.
  • Start and stop a recording.


Host privileges are valid until an hour after the endDate.

endDate is interpreted as UTC by default, but other time zones are supported by including an offset in hours and minutes during the creation request.

Troubleshooting Hosts

Are your hosts running into issues accessing expected host features? Check out our troubleshooting guide to learn the common issues you can correct.