Getting Started and Setup

What is Whereby Embedded

Whereby Embedded is an easy-to-use video meetings API. It's perfect for embedding Whereby's video meetings into your application or website! The REST API makes it easy for your team to build faster and ship more often.

Whereby Embedded Features

  • Programmatic creation/deletion of meeting rooms
  • Embeddable meeting rooms (iframe for web, WebView for Android, and WKWebView for iOS)
  • Customization of features available within a meeting using URL parameters
  • Generation of Authorized URLs so hosts don't need to log in

Below we've compiled some user guides to help you get started with Whereby Embedded and answered some of the more common questions Whereby Embedded users have for us! Of course, if you aren't finding the answers you're looking for you can reach out to the support team, or contact your account manager

User Guides